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Design Services

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Exceptional design impacts our emotions, promotes a sense of tranquility & peace and can enhance our overall wellbeing. At Studio G Home, we believe that the most appealing interior spaces have a harmonious and purposeful design, provide function & comfort, while reflecting your spirit, personality and lifestyle. Studio G Home incorporates the functional relationship between architecture, light and the home furnishings to create balanced environments that endure the test of time.


We provide a customized and comprehensive design strategy from start to finish. Our designer's meet with you to discuss; inspiration, design needs, wishes & desires to develop a project timeline and budget. Using our expertise and skill, we conceptualize and plan your ideal space. From materials selections to the plumbing, lighting and cabinetry, we collaborate with the architect, builder, contractor and tradesmen to ensure the overall design expectations are being met. We coordinate, expedite and facilitate the entire project, including delivery and placement of your furnishings, up to that final moment of "reveal", when you enter your reimagined home for the very first time.

Ah- bliss!

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Studio G Home specializes in projects that require qualified interior design services and home furnishings. We respect and value our client relationships and are committed to being a partner with you every step of the way. Our educated and talented designers prioritize the proper project phasing for timeliness, accuracy and exceptional results. By using a listening-based approach, we understand our client's needs, build confidence in decision-making and give you expert guidance and advice. Our commitment to you is that we provide creative solutions for your every need, using our knowledge and resources to provide timeless interiors that bring lasting results for the investment in your home.

Interested In Our Furnishings & Design Services?

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